Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Jersey, Virginia and NY-23

All we can say for sure about these races is that, if Democrats do well, the mainstream media will declare the vote a referendum of affirmation for the President and his policies.   If Republicans do well, the media will say the outcomes were determined by local factors, and it's no reflection on the President.

With some polls suggesting Republicans have reason to be hopeful about all three races, this morning there's already anticipatory punditry in the national press to the effect that it's not a referendum on the Obama Administration or its policies.

No matter what the outcome of NY-23, national media will get it as wrong on the implications for the Republican Party as they have already.

The reality is that, whatever the outcome, it's more complex than referendum on the President vs. non-referendum.   It's a combination of dynamics both national and local.   We'll comment tomorrow on the results in these races.

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Anonymous said...

It is all about spin with the Democrats. If you agree withthem , get in line, if not you are a radical extremist of worse yet, a racist.
They are better organized than the republicans and have created the WFP
to handle their labor issues without scaring away the Moderates from the party itself.
These three elections ARE a referendum on Obama and the GOP as well.
Hey Newt Gingrich, you should be the first one to fly to Watertown to congratulate Hoffman on his win and apologize to him for your lack of support !