Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Battle Between Brooks and Slaughter

Seems to me that if Slaughter is so confident that she is the right person for the job, and she is confident that the polls that show her ahead are true, why is she going negative already? Slaughter, who I have interviewed during her last race while on the Board of Contributors at the D&C, struck me as out of touch and not understanding of issues facing folks from my generation. (Or most generations for that matter) She is an advocate for huge government and has yet to find a progressive idea that she doesn’t want to double down on. In her desperation to be politically relevant and to continue that $180k + income coming in she is going to try and use tactics that were less than successful for local Democrats before. Or, maybe, this is the year that Democrats don’t bother touting their own achievements and just try to say “that guy/gal is worse”. Obama certainly isn’t running on his record.


Friday, September 14, 2012

DiNapoli's Office in Hush Money Payoff

The office of Democratic State Controller and former Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli, crony of Shelly Silver and Joe Morelle, played an "extensive" role in putting together the secret hush money deal to pay off a victim of sexual predator and Democratic Assemblyman Vito Lopez.   Naturally, you'll never read about that in the Democrat and Chronicle, which is in hard-core story suppression mode.

That's the same Controller DiNapoli who Morelle and the Democratic organization are deploying to slime County government under Maggie Brooks.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Justice for Me, Not for Thee

The Democrat and Chronicle's report on City employees' exemption from red-light camera fines today makes the headline on Drudge.   And it's not just the police.   All City of Rochester employees are exempt.   A red-light aristocracy!

What could illustrate better the bottomless sleaziness of the red-light camera racket?

This site has warned against the abusive money extortion racket represented by red-light cameras since their first consideration as a money making scheme by Rochester City Council.   "We're going to make a lot of money," the then-President of City Council exulted after an early presentation to the Council by one of the red-light camera companies.

Can a local government selectively enforce a law that applies to all?   We hope the answer is No. A suit challenging the practice would be a fine pro bono project for a civic minded attorney.

Until that happens, drivers should resist every possible way:   pleading not guilty, demanding a hearing, making the City go through every step.

Let's make enforcement of this disgrace as difficult and expensive as possible for the greedy and slovenly government that enacted it.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Notes on Conventions

First, David Frum in The Daily Beast considering the standard-issue drivel about the Republican convention being "too white."

. . . why can't we just respect the fact that some of us have one set of beliefs - others have different beliefs - and let us all compete on voting day and may the best team win?   Why do you liberals always have to be dragging race into it?

What you want is a country where everybody looks different, and everybody thinks the same.  That's what you call diversity.  No thanks.  You work hard, you pay your way, you quit asking for handouts, and you're American enough for me - and you'll be up there on the podium with Bobby Jindal, Allen West, Herman Cain, and Nikki Haley as a leader of the one party in this country that isn't hung up on race.

Second, I think the following from Legal Insurrection, represents my take-away from the Democrats' convention.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Democrats Cling Bitterly to Religion

Check out the video of the Democratic Convention considering an amendment to their platform to include reference to "God-given potential" and recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capitol.

Clearly it didn't get the 2/3 vote needed. And it sounds like it may not even have won a simple majority. Convention Chairman Villaraigosa is visibly flummoxed that the delegates won't go along with the change, asking for the vote three times. Then suffering the embarrassment of declaring a voice vote that sounded even as between ayes and nayes as a 2/3 majority!