Friday, December 23, 2011

Compendium of Corruption

The DA Files

Time to collect at one reference point our pieces on Monroe County's corrupt and politicized District Attorney's office under DA Mike Green.

From the most recent piece to the earliest, you'll find this index under "Features" near the top of the sidebar column as "The DA Files."   We'll update it as we do more postings on the subject.

Our coverage began when DA Green falsely prosecuted two prominent Republicans to help his party in the weeks just before the 2009 elections, in exchange for his party's help in becoming a federal judge.   County Democrats desperately wanted to pick up the one seat they needed to take the County Legislature (they didn't); Green desperately needed his Party's support to become a federal judge (he didn't).

Judges in both false prosecutions criticized Green bringing cases with no evidence and no showing of wrongdoing.   A (Democratic) judge threw out one case, with the pointed comment that it was a prosecution "bordering on the preposterous".

A jury threw out the other, after the (Democratic) judge asked the prosecutor, when the prosecution rested, whether there was anything criminal involved in the actions of James Smith -- and the prosecutor had to admit that there was nothing in the law to make it criminal.

From most recent to the earliest:

County Legislature:   Investigate the DA Scandal

Transition Watch  -- 1/10/2012

Not Even Trying

Green Light to Green Stuff

One Last Kiss-Off

Signs of Panic

Totally Non-Political

"Further Issues:"   Why Democrats Scuttled the Green Nomination

Reilich Almighty

It Wasn't Republicans Who Stopped the Green Nomination

Obama Won't Renominate Green

Green Going to DA Appeals Bureau

The Policitized DA's Office:   Next Shoe to Drop

Doorley's Political Purge

What's Going on In the DA's Office?

Success Has Many Fathers ...

Scofflaw in the DA's Office

Green Should Resign as DA

Investigate the District Attorney's Office

Innocent on All Charges

The Prosecution Rests.  In Deep Doo-Doo.

The Political Show Trial of James Smith

Political Maneuverings of Assistant DA Gargan

Moore Vindicated.  Judge Dismisses All Charges.

Gargan Declines to Seek County Court Seat

Is the District Attorney's Office Regaining Its Ethics?

Disciplinary Rule 3.8

District Attorney Withdraws Felony Charge

Teeing Up the Next Indictment

Right On Schedule

The Election Indictments

Indict First; Figure Out Why Later

Trading Judgeships for Political Prosecutions

Mike Green Must Want that Federal Judgeship Really Badly

So It's Come to This


Anonymous said...

I think, perhaps, we've found the reason why Chuck Schumer had to pull his support of Mike Green...

Anonymous said...

Should be a real joke at Doorley's Swearing in Ceremony on Friday at the Boys & Girls Club.

Anonymous said...

Anything new at DA's office? It's been quiet...