Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Succession Planning

Monroe County Democrats plan to put up County Legislator Vincent Esposito to run for the State Senate Seat held by incumbent Jim Alesi.

Chairman Joe Morelle expects his protege Esposito to win.   It's reported that Morelle recently approached Dr. Joe Carbone, Esposito's Republican challenger in last month's election, with a deal:   switch parties, to become a Democrat, and you can have Vinnie's legislative seat when he goes to the Senate.   Dr. Carbone is reported to have refused.


Rottenchester said...

If I were betting, I'd put my money on Alesi. His gay marriage vote trumps his stupid lawsuit. And if the Republicans give him any static about running, he could switch parties and be a shoo-in.

Anonymous said...

Alesi won't get the Republican endorsement at the convention, so he is the one who would have to run a primary. And if he does run a primary, the gay marriage vote won't help him, and will probably hurt him further.

And it remains to be seen if Irondequoit will still be in the district. Skelos will be drawing the lines.

Anonymous said...

4:48pm, don't fool yourself. Skelos doesn't draw the lines. He doesn't even go to the bathroom without getting permission from Cuomo. The GOP has lost control of the Senate. Cuomo will draw the lines and will also decide whether Alesi gets an opponent, either Dem or GOP.

Anonymous said...

You really think that Skelos allowed a gay marriage vote AND gave Cuomo his millionaire's tax increase without a deal allowing him to retain Senate redistriciting authority? No way. Moreover, Cuomo wants a Republican Senate. He knows that the Senate Dems are crooked and incompetent. So he was fine with making the trade.

As to the GOP losing control of the Senate...GOP Senators have always been concerned exclusively with themselves.