Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Reilich Almighty

So it appears that County GOP Chairman Bill Reilich has so much power on a national level that he can stop a federal court nomination in the U.S. Senate!

Who knew?

At least we have to assume it's Reilich.   According to DA Mike Green and his enablers in the Rochester media, "local Republicans" are responsible for ending Green's dream of a federal judgeship.   Surely the power to stop the United States Senate in its tracks couldn't belong to anyone lower in the Monroe GOP heirarchy than the Chairman himself.

Will something so extraordinary inspire members of our local media with the curiosity to ask how it could be so?   Don't hold your breath.


Anonymous said...

Well then, I say, Good Job GOP! You stopped an unethical man from taking the federal bench. If only your could take the credit, you should be proud. Too bad Green has no one to blame but himself.

Anonymous said...

The media refuses to ask Chuck Schumer and Mike Green the simplest questions in order to get to the truth. They has no interest in doing their jobs and have chosen instead to just take what Green and Chuck say and report that as fact. Everyone but the local press knows that Green lied to Federal Investigators and sealed his own doom but out local media is helping provide political cover for him to protect his supposed "good name" and keep his wife from getting ticked at him for the issue going public. What a weak and crappy press corps we have here in Rochester.