Thursday, December 22, 2011

Newt Morelle

Check out Aaron Wicks' piece in Smugtown Beacon, talking about Joe Morelle's mailings to help his pal Vinnie Esposito's reelection to County Legislature.   The mailings accused Republican candidate Dr. Joe Carbone of being "liberal" and "pro-union" candidate.   From Morelle and Esposito, whose campaign money comes from unions!


Anonymous said...

Morelle proves once again that he is the ultimate hypocrite.

That guy would sell his own soul. What, I think he may have already.

Newt Morelle - yes, cut from the same cloth of non-ethics as Gingrich.

Anonymous said...

Why would they bite the union hand that feeds them?

Anonymous said...

Morelle's efforts to disregard the races of other Democrat legislators (see Steve Eckel and Dick Beebe) in order to wholly focus on Vinnie Esposito wasn't done simply to save Esposito from his County Legislator seat loss.

Esposito is widely talked about as Morelle's candidate to unseat Republican State Senator Jim Alesi.

Alesi is in for a real knock down drag out fight if he can't weasel his way out of this upcoming campaign. Senator Jim traded his gay marriage vote for campaign contributions and support from Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, but LOCAL Democrat party boss Joe Morelle will do everything in his power to help Esposito win.

The REAL fight is Morelle versus Cuomo with Alesi simply playing the hapless pawn.

Should be a good fight.