Thursday, December 15, 2011

Green Going to DA Appeals Bureau

When his term as Monroe County District Attorney ends at the end of the month, Mike Green will be going back to the DA's office.   This time in the Appeals Bureau, likely as its head.   That's his parking spot as he waits for action on the federal judicial nomination, or bides his time to run for something else, maybe a state Supreme Court judgship.

Privately, Democratic insiders now don't think the federal judgship will come through.   Senator Schumer's comment in last week's D&C article on Green's future certainly sounded tepid.

In other DA news, Kelly Wolford, who signed the notice of appeal of the trial judge's dismissal of all charges in the false prosecution of Andrew Moore, is going in as First Assistant District Attorney.


Anonymous said...

So basically he will still be DA only working behind the scenes with his protege Doorley!

I for one hope he doesn't get confirmed as a judge. He doesn't deserve it. His office could care less about victims. Their main concern is to let felons go.

Philbrick said...

Now wait a minute. "Letting felons go?" Come on.

I stopped being an admirer of Green because of his unforgivable prosecutions of James Smith and Moore. But that involved the opposite of letting felons go. It was about prosecuting innocent people.

Just what felons has he let go? This charge seems way over the top.

Anonymous said...

Yet another case postponed today due to Doorley's actions.

Philbrick said...


Court cases are postponed all the time. Because one of the attorneys requests it, or because one thing has been done and now they're moving on to the next thing.

So merely telling us it's been postponed tells us nothing.

repoman said...

I'm actually surprised that Green is not being confirmed. It proves, once again, that politics in Washington trumps ll other considerations.

I also think the Mike deserves severe criticism for what he did to Moore and Smith. But, given his relatively conservative leaning, he would have been as good a Federal Judge nominee as we could expect from Obama. Blocking him is somebody's shot at Schumer; its a bad move from a judicial ideology standpoint.

Anonymous said...

repo, you dismiss Green's political prosecutions of James Smith and Andy Moore as if they were the DA-malfeasance equivalent of jay walking. Green deliberately destroyed these two guys' careers, apparently (because no one can explain the cases otherwise) to promote his own career. It was wanton, arrogant, unethical conduct by Green and his hit man Gargan. There is a strong case for disbarment of both men. Neither should ever become a judge.

repoman said...


I don't dispute your views on Green's conduct as DA, but there is no way in our current world that he would really be punished for it. I was commenting only as a realist.

In that vein, I doubt that the reason Green's Judgeship is being held up stems from his acts against Smith and Moore. I think it deals with D.C. gamesmanship. In a proper Washington, Green's conduct as DA and his judicial temperment and philosophy would be the basis for a yea or nay vote. Instead it is some GOP senator's grievance with Chuck Schumer.

I suppose it may be poetic justice that in this case, D.C. politics may trump the local version and deprive Green of the position he appears to have been offered in exchange for the bad prosecutions.

Steve Zodiac said...

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We have a question.

Anonymous said...

He lied to the FBI on his background check along with some poor judgement with the Doorley campaign combined with firing 5 of his top admin days before he left office for political reasons that made Washington realize he cannot be impartial nor fair. He is not worthy of being a federal judge.