Thursday, December 29, 2011

Totally Non-Political

As candidate, District Attorney-elect Sandra Doorley promised to "keep politics out of the DA's Office" and remain "independent."

A trusted source on the Democratic side tells us she will announce appointment of Adam Bello to a high ranking, high paying post in the DA's office.

Bello has never prosecuted a homicide.   Or anything else for that matter.   He's not even a lawyer.   Doesn't even play one on TV.

But he was, until this appointment, Executive Director of the Monroe County Democratic Party.

He now becomes Party Godfather Joe Morelle's capo in the DA's office.

Apparently our new District Attorney is on a very short leash.


Rottenchester said...

Philbrick, you've left out the one salient fact that makes this a big deal or a little deal: what's the guy's job?

I'll assume that since he isn't a lawyer and the position is "high paying" that he's the new press officer. That job is not key to the prosecution of criminals, just the care and feeding of the press. And in almost every large government organization run by an elected head, the press officer/press secretary is an appointee who has some political savvy. Presumably Bello has that, at least.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone really shocked ... Ways to get a job at that office... Political connections or sleep with your boss. Talent and worth are ideas long past so long as you are "loyal" aka kiss Sandy's butt or can promote her career. To heck with the crime rates ever rising and spreading... So long as sandy is in charge.

Anonymous said...

I don't ever recall hearing from a so-called D.A.'s office spokesperson or Press Director. The D.A. or one of the higher up A.D.A.'s always speaks to the press. I don't think the position even exists and is being created in place of one of the actual prosecutor positions previously held by an actual contributing member of the office. So it's nothing more than a political reward job given to an undeserving political hack and Morelle crony.

Anonymous said...

You are correct. The position does not currently exist. So of that is why he is being hired them she is creating a position. Hopefully not at the expense of losing an attorney position... That's her real job to prosecute crimes... Not spin stories to
Promote her career. Shame on you Sandra doorley.

Rottenchester said...

Hey Anonymous #3 & #4, perhaps you should peruse every single press release from the DA's office, each of which has the name "Diana Palotas", here's her job description from her LinkedIn page:

"I am the media contact for the District Attorney's in the office. I write media releases, the annual report, and website content. Attend community meetings on social and justice issues. Share 20+ years of television experience with the members of the office."

Perhaps this is Adam Bello's new job? Perhaps not. But the bottom line is that there's a pretty senior person at the DA's office who handles the press.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see this ace team she has put together... Will be interesting to list the qualified vs the politically connected.

Anonymous said...

You are correct 5. My mistake. I forgot that position was created a little over a year ago. Hopefully ms palotas isn't the next political assassination by Doorely. She actually seems qualified... Which we all know means nothing.

Anonymous said...

"I write media releases, the annual report, and website content. Attend community meetings on social and justice issues."

This is hardly a senior level appointment for Bello (if that's supposed to be his new job).

Bello is a VERY high paid political crony who I can't imagine would take what appears to be a basic press release-writing and community meeting-attending position for lower pay.

If so, than Ms. Palotas is going to be fired and the title pay increased substantially just so Morelle's political crony can get a job?

I'll keep an eye out for the long line of media and Democrat officials crying foul and pushing back against this.

Anonymous said...

Where is all this money coming from in the budget to hire all these politicians at high salaries? Shouldn't we be focused on securing talented prosecutors?