Wednesday, July 27, 2011

City Residents Happy to See Republicans

A quick check in with the Mustard Street crew from the campaign trail.   As we continue to meet Rochester residents we are happy to find that most are thrilled to meet Republicans running active campaigns in the City.   I personally continue to hear that people are ready for a change to the status quo.   To learn more about the candidates or to get involved see the links below:

Rich Tyson (East District)

Andy Rau (NW District)


Saturday, July 23, 2011



Friday, July 22, 2011

Smugtown Takes on Taboos

Smugtown Beacon's Chris Wilmot commits the one sin our degraded culture will not forgive:   saying aloud something universally recognized as true.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marriage Equality: The Fight Continues

Somebody Call Alesi

If gay marriage is a moral imperative, can anyone explain why plural marriage isn't allowed?   Weren't we told it's just about love?

From yesterday's NY Times.


Atlantis Lands

And so one of the few government programs most ordinary people ever got excited about, at one time or another, ends.   Now the government's into really important things like banning lightbulbs.

All great civilizations eventually decline.   Why should we think ours would be any different?


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Behind Doorley's Run for DA

So here's how it all came down, and how Assistant District Attorney Sandra Doorley became the Democratic nominee for District Attorney.

Panic time last weekend at Monroe County Democratic headquarters.   Chairman Joe Morelle's chosen candidate, Judge Frank Geraci, threw in the towel.   He wouldn't give up his safe County Court seat to run for DA unless it was a sure thing.

Now Morelle had no other choice.   Geraci was out.   So was incumbent Mike Green, waiting for his federal judgeship to come through.   Morelle now had to approach Doorley.   All along, Doorley had wanted the nomination for DA.   With Morelle backing Geraci, she had settled for the consolation prize of nomination to County Court.

Give Morelle full marks for persuasive ability.   Doorley would now be off to a late-start against the Republicans' Bill Taylor, who has raised over $100,000 to date, has campaigned ubiquitously for almost two months and has three lines on the ballot in November -- Republican, Conservative and Independence.  Not insurmountable, but she has lost several months.

All of this represents further avoidable chaos at Democratic headquarters.   From the outset it had been clear to seasoned political observers that Doorley would be the Democrats' best candidate for DA.   Morelle wouldn't have it, preferring Geraci.   Now he has Doorley anyway, dealing with a late start and an opponent who's had the stage to himself during that time, building momentum and cash all the while.

Judge Geraci is a accomplished and respected jurist.   His decision not to run demonstrates a sharp political acumen as well.

Now with an actual, and highly plausible, candidate for District Attorney, Joe Morelle will have to redeploy to the DA's race funds that otherwise would have gone to his candidates for County Legislature.   He must give priority to the race that determines whether the party he chairs loses its sole remaining countywide office, and he knows he's going to lose seats in the county legislature, not take it over.   The money must come from somewhere.   And that means that, protestations to the contrary notwithstanding, the County Legislature races now take a back seat to the DA race for the Democrats.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Doorley to Run for District Attorney

Assistant District Attorney Sandra Doorley will seek the Democratic nomination for District Attorney, Mustard Street has learned.

Doorley yesterday declined nomination for County Court Judge.   Yesterday was the last day a candidate duly nominated could decline.

Does this mean Judge Frank Geraci is out?   He's Joe Morelle's pick for the Democratic nomination for DA, and has been reported to be wavering as to whether to run or not.

Or does it mean a Democratic primary between Doorley and Geraci?   Or possibly between Doorley and incumbent Michael Green, if his judicial nomination is not approved in time?

Developing. . .


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Campaign Tips

Probably not a good idea for Supervisor Sandra Frankel, Democratic candidate for County Executive, to appear in Penfield's Fourth of July Parade in a Toyota.

Unions tend to notice these things, as well as others from whom the Supervisor may be seeking support in the election.

Also, probably not a good idea for County Democratic Chairman Joe Morelle to signal his complete lack of interest in his own candidate for County Exec. by staging Governor Cuomo's local appearance yesterday in Irondequoit, rather than in Supervisor Frankel's own base, Brighton.

Irondequoit, of course, is Morelle's base.   And first things first.


Saturday, July 2, 2011