Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Doorley to Run for District Attorney

Assistant District Attorney Sandra Doorley will seek the Democratic nomination for District Attorney, Mustard Street has learned.

Doorley yesterday declined nomination for County Court Judge.   Yesterday was the last day a candidate duly nominated could decline.

Does this mean Judge Frank Geraci is out?   He's Joe Morelle's pick for the Democratic nomination for DA, and has been reported to be wavering as to whether to run or not.

Or does it mean a Democratic primary between Doorley and Geraci?   Or possibly between Doorley and incumbent Michael Green, if his judicial nomination is not approved in time?

Developing. . .


AllanBlockhead said...

Good work, Phil...looking forward to your posts as we get further into the election year.

Anonymous said...

Your view is unfair and unbalanced, not like this page. Gerace will not leave the bench to run. Morelle threw his hand picked candidate under the bus! Now, Dorley, the County Court Judge Candidate, a former Republican, has joined with Morelle to once more screw with party regulars, like Gerace. Morelle is the reason Democrats cannot win in the County. He is so self absorbed that he lost sight of his own party's agenda. Republicans should pray he never leaves the Chairmanship. Sandra, you have been thrown under the bus!

Philbrick said...


Not sure that this posting expresses any "view" at all. It reports that Doorley is in the DA race, then poses some questions raised by her entry. Not rhetorical questions, but actual questions. (For which we're getting some answers, that will appear in a follow-up posting).

So, what is it in the posting that's unfair and unbalanced?