Thursday, July 7, 2011

Campaign Tips

Probably not a good idea for Supervisor Sandra Frankel, Democratic candidate for County Executive, to appear in Penfield's Fourth of July Parade in a Toyota.

Unions tend to notice these things, as well as others from whom the Supervisor may be seeking support in the election.

Also, probably not a good idea for County Democratic Chairman Joe Morelle to signal his complete lack of interest in his own candidate for County Exec. by staging Governor Cuomo's local appearance yesterday in Irondequoit, rather than in Supervisor Frankel's own base, Brighton.

Irondequoit, of course, is Morelle's base.   And first things first.


Anonymous said...

Especially after the Irondequoit Democrats took a pass on competitive Town elections this year. It is all about Joe.

Anonymous said...

Albany politicians who mandate local governments to spend money turning around and putting a cap on that spending. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Morelle desperately wants (a) relevance, and (b) a better job to obtain relevance. Congress would be nice, except its unlikely he'll get there since he has spent his entire career bowing to NYC liberals. Or if Gantt would retire he could make a play for being something more than Sheldon Silver's boot boy. Since his fellow Dems have no love for him, though, he'll only ascend if no one else wants whatever job he craves.

Anonymous said...

How many times are the democrats going to rehash Frankel? We have seen enough of this sacrifcial lamb.

Anonymous said...

Most Toyotas have as much if not more US origin components then cars manufactured by US based companies. As for the Prius, production starts this fall in Blue Spring Miss. creating 2000 jobs.

As for the big three, the loyalty of todays senior and middle age population to the US big three automakers, especially GM, is no longer a given.