Sunday, July 14, 2013

What the Zimmerman trial taught us

1- There are people who keep an eye on their communities where high crime is an issue. 2- Being approached on the sidewalk doesn't give someone the right to smash the persons head into the pavement. 3- The media now calls latinos "white" when they do something they disagree with. Let's face it folks, The reason the defense was able to defend is because they proved that Zimmerman was being assaulted by Martin at the time of the shooting. Zimmerman didn't chase him down and shoot him in cold blood. 18 year old men are old enough to go to war for our country, and often do, so stop calling Martin a child. Had Martin not been shot there may have been a different trial (the assault of Zimmerman). That one, in my opinion, would not be getting national attention though. If people are really worried about young black men being shot, focus on the fact that they are shooting each other in cities across this country at an unacceptable rate. Many of those shootings are not in self defense either.


Friday, July 12, 2013

D&C stoops to new low "Uniting" Rochester

In Jim Lawrence and Karen Magnuson's continuing quest to exploit racial differences in our community for "clicks" that generate revenue, they have published an op-ed accusing the entire Honeoye-Falls Lima school district of RACISM because some students tossed a blow up doll out during graduation. Bruce, the author, is apparently the Executive Director at Friends of Educational Excellence. A NFP that provide volunteer support, enrichment activities, and school resources to help students succeed in school. And we wonder why RCSD is failing? With "help" like this it is no wonder.