Sunday, December 11, 2011

MCC Picks High Falls Site

Excellent comment to City Newspaper's report on the Trustees' decision this weekend:

What will be interesting is to see whether City and the D&C, both of whom would be calling for investigations in a heartbeat if it were Republican officials making calls and pushing for a property owned by a major GOP contributor with millions in back taxes due, will sit on the sidelines or start calling it the way it is.
And if Democrats kill the plan, either in the County Legislature or by Lt. Gov. Duffy interceding with SUNY in Albany, then just end the college's downtown experiment and consolidate all students at the main campus.

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Anonymous said...

Is Wilmot making a profit off Sibleys, basically pocketing the rent paid by taxpayers for MCC's space, then not paying the taxes? Has anyone actually looked at the cash flow on this property? Why is the County paying rent for the space when Wilmot is not paying taxes on it?

Moreover, why hasn't the City through now 3 mayors not sold it in a tax foreclosure? If anyone else didn't pay $20 million in taxes for over a decade what are the odds it wouldn't have been sold at auction long ago?