Thursday, April 1, 2010

Investigate the District Attorney's Office

From Mr. Peabody at Monroe Rising, an excellent statement of the reasons for a committee of the the County Legislature to investigate District Attorney Mike Green's abuse of office for political gain.

At minimum, investigate how much taxpayer money Green and his assistant William Gargan squandered in the political prosecutions of James Smith and Andrew Moore.   Both based on charges so flimsy and evidence so "preposterous" (Judge's Opinion, p. 8) that they reek with the stench of contrivance.

And while they're at it -- is the FBI's background check of Green for that Federal judgeship FOIL-able?


Anonymous said...

Why don't you make one of your famous predictions on where James Smith will land a job back in government? That's the least the Republican Party can do to compensate him for his "pain and suffering" as a result of his unjust prosecution. I'm willing to bet we never hear from him again. Why, because maybe he was a poor supervisor. By the way, I've noticed you don't post any comments that disagree with your opinion. I guess that's the prerogative of the blog master.

Lucy said...

The Republican Party does not owe Mr. Smith compensation for pain and suffering. The District Attorney's office does.

Since we're told that the DA's office is immune from such lawsuits, those seeking justice in the Smith and Moore matters will have to be satisfied with inflicting pain and suffering on DA Green and ADA Gargan comparable to what they did to Smith and Moore.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Smith and Moore could sue Joe Morelle and the County Dem party for the political hit on them. D.A. Green doesn't make a move without Morelle's approval so Morelle's culpable here. Green can do whatever he wants to people and is protected no matter how vicious is is or how he misuses his power, but Morelle is not.

I say target Morelle if you want justice and to put an end to taxpayer funded political with hunts by the government.

On a side note, 5:59's censorship accusation is a typical attempt to discredit this site. Is that you Mr. Rittler? If so, at least you're not on the clock at the time of your post.

Or are you counting this as overtime? I hope not.

Steve Zodiac said...

Commenter 10:02 -- How's this for targeting Morelle?

Anonymous said...

Nice pic Steve. Although I have a question.

Where's Morelle in the photo?

I only see Bob Duffy.