Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Paladino Proves the Point

Last week I pointed out Carl Paladino's fundraiser invitation as an example of how businessmen seem to make poor politicians, more often than not.

Now, from Paladino again, there's a less benign example:   these sophomoric e-mails he's been forwarding around.   Thinking he can be a serious candidate after sending around e-mails like this shows he's totally unsuited to run for office.   What kind of political advisors wouldn't have checked for something like this, and then told him that it's hopeless because of it.   A liberal/Democratic candidate would have media protection, but a Republican/conservative who's done this can't be a viable candidate.

The fact Paladino doesn't know this, or have advisors who do, shows he's politically clueless.


Rottenchester said...

Indeed, I well remember the times that politicians forwarding around explicit scenes of horses having sex with people were ignored by the liberal media. It happens all the time.


Not every story fits your tidy little bias frame. It wasn't media bias that forced out Eric Massa. It won't be media bias that hurts "Palomino".

Lucy said...

Hey, if it comes from a "bias frame", the frame was created by 2+ years of media protection of John Edwards on the matter of his girlfriend and the baby.