Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lincoln Was Wrong

Tax Day, April 15.   The High Holy Day of the American Left.   The day the government points a gun at its citizens and says, "Pay, or else."

In his "House Divided" speech, Lincoln said the nation could not survive "half-slave and half-free."   But that's what the nation has become and, so far, is surviving that way.   Not very well, but surviving.

Half the people pay federal income taxes.   The other half don't.   The half who pay work nearly half the year for the government.

The Slave Revolt of 2010 is coming.   It's scheduled for Tuesday, November 2.   All elements of the Liberal Archipelago, from the media to the universities to the political class, have talked themselves into believing the Tea Party movement is just a few fringe complainers.   Just something "astroturfed" by Sarah Palin or the Republican Party.   They repeat it over and over, maybe hoping if they do, that will make it so.

They're clueless.   As the oldest resident of Mustard Street, let me tell you.   The last time I remember the Liberal-Media Complex so far out of touch with what's going on in the country was during the year before Reagan was elected in 1980.   They never saw it coming, and never believed it could happen.

Then it happened.


Anonymous said...

"Points a gun"? Really?

I didn't see any guns today. What planet do you people live on?

Steve Zodiac said...

The gun will be in the hand of the police who remove you from your house, after the government takes it if you don't pay tax. Or the police who will arrest you if the government presses criminal charges.

Ultimately, behind every tax collector there's a gun pointed at the citizen.