Thursday, April 29, 2010

With Enemies Like These ...

... Mayor Duffy has to be right.

Not that the Mayor's proposal to take responsibility for the City schools needs more arguments in its favor.   Duffy's right.   The only real alternative is the status quo.

But if you knew nothing else about the merits of the Mayor's proposal, you'd know he's right by knowing his opponents.   The public employees' unions, of course.   As we've mentioned before, the surest sign of merit in a policy proposal in New York is that the public employee unions oppose it

A recent essay by Aaron Wicks in Smugtown Beacon discloses other oppponents of Mayoral control.   A Who's Who of some of the most notorious enemies of progress on the Rochester scene:

Metro Justice, Declaration of Peace, Rochester IndyMedia, Social Welfare Action Alliance, Green Party of Monroe County, Alliance for Quality Education, Students for a Democratic Society, International Socialists Organization, Rochester Police Accountability Coalition, Center for the Study of Civil and Human Rights Laws, Activists Against Racism Movement and the obligatory smattering of trendier-than-thou lefty religious groups.
All opposed to a courageous Mayor's effort to turn a third-rate day-care operation into a system that educates.


rickright73 said...

As a proud graduate of Edison Tech in the RCSD and a comptetent Social Studies teacher in the RCSD, I would like to pose a question: How will mayoral control allow teachers to be the best they can be to improve achievement?
How will autocratic left - wing politicians such as Duffy, Gantt and Morelle allow teachers to ensure that Parents + Teachers = Successful Students? (I am a proud member of the RTA.) I am proud of my students, my school and my city, as a native Rochesterian who has attended the RCSD for all of my 12 years. My parents and I did not need a mayor to ensure my success! I had loving, caring parents who wanted to make sure that I had a better life than they had!
Maybe Duffy should stick to quality of life issues such as trash collection, parks and recreation, loud boomboxes and tearing down vacant houses in the city. Maybe Morelle should propose abolishing the East Irondequoit school board instead.
Leave teachers to teach in the city and allow us to produce successful RCSD graduates such as myself!

Anonymous said...

I'd say Duffy should be focusing on the crime plaguing the city that is keeping good people from living and visiting. Almost every day I read about yet another murder.

If this were a republican mayor, the media would be calling for his head for not stopping crime. Does anyone here really believe the press will call for his head when he shows he cannot solve low graduation rates in our schools?

He's been talking about mayoral control since last November. Can anyone tell me one single specific aspect of this plan?

Does Duffy/Morelle/Gantt think we're all too stupid of think so little of us to allow us to know what exactly mayoral control will look like?

What is really behind all this...

because it sure aint kids and grad rates.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but David Gantt, Cynthia Elliott and City Newspaper are for it.

Anonymous said...

And the Democrat & Chronicle. Even though they keep saying they haven't picked a side yet. They're funny.