Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thick as a Brick

We told you what would happen.   If the brick-throwing at Monroe Democratic headquarters could be linked to a Tea Partier or a Republican, it would be all over the news.   If not -- especially if it turned out to be a hoax staged to help Democrats -- the media would be silent, after the initial story.

So far, just silence.

No note attached, Democratic officials first told the press.   The incident came hours after a massive street protest by unions against the Democratic Mayor's school plan, which the Democratic Chairman endorsed.   Chairman Morelle himself told the media that the brick might have been related to that.

Then, a day later, a note miraculously appeared.   With a quote from a conservative icon, no less!   It contains an obvious misspelling, making it look suspiciously like work of the crew at Democratic Headquarters.

And it looks in good shape for a piece of paper supposedly slammed through a plate-glass window on a brick.

This all occurred at the point when the Democratic-Media Complex started pushing the theme that Tea Partiers and their supporters are violent extremists.

Since then, despite all the available video and audio, no one can find any Tea Partiers screaming racial epithets at Congressmen the day of the health care vote.  No one can find anyone spitting at a Congressman.   No one has claimed the $10,000 reward offered for proof that either of these things really happened.   The same with the other claims of "extremist" acts blamed on citizens protesting government overreaching.  Which must be why, suddenly, after a week or two, the media has generally dropped the theme.

The American Left can't figure out the Tea Party.   For the first time in their lives, they're seeing public protests by the other side.   We've noted before that given the practical, cultural and temperamental disinclination of conservatives to do street protests, the Tea Party phenomenon is a much bigger deal than even the size of its crowds suggests.

The Left falls back to its default mode, smearing the protesters with the tired old chestnuts of extremism, racism, etc.   It's in for a very nasty awakening.

When the revolution comes -- hasten the day -- it won't be about screamers or spitters or rock-throwers.   There's a revolution of sorts brewing, we believe, and when it comes it's going to be the Peaceable Revolution.   Wouldn't be worth having if it weren't.

When the Left in all its redoubts -- the current government, the media, the universities, some of the old-line churches and elsewhere -- awakens to this reality, they'll become more shrilly hysterical than ever.  Because it will mystify them even more.   For now, they've wrapped themselves in the comforting fiction that the Tea Party's nothing more than knuckle-draggers, extremists, racists, etc.

Right now they haven't a clue.   Thick as a brick, you might say.

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