Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prosecute the Brickthrower

And if someone incited the incident, prosecute the inciter, too.

The report on 13 WHAM TV, that we learned of courtesy of Rottenchester, adds information that's alarming, if it's related to the brick incident.   Yesterday we described the brick throwing, by whomever did it, as base and uncivil.

We were in the company of none other than County Democratic Chairman Joe Morelle, in wondering whether the incident had to do with local unions' displeasure over the Mayor's proposal to take control of the City schools.

We do not believe the word of Louise Slaughter can be trusted, absent independent verification, but let the authorities pursue it and the brick-throwing, and bring the perpetrators to justice -- whoever they may be.

The only thing we can say with certainty:   you'll know if it was some misguided teapartier, because the story will be all over the media.

If it turns out to have been a unionist from the downtown protest of the Democratic Fundraiser on Saturday night who had too much to drink -- we don't expect much reporting about it.   It won't fit the desired theme.

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