Friday, March 12, 2010

Who Says Politicians Don't Have Balls?

Tomorrow night comes the County Executive's Ball for the Republicans.   The Mayor's Ball, for the Democrats, comes a week later, March 20.   Maybe.

Each is the principal annual fundraiser for the respective parties.   It's unclear at this point whether the threat by the teachers' union and other unions to boycott and picket the Democratic event, over displeasure with the Mayor's proposal for the City schools, will force cancellation of the event or impair the party's fundraising.

A clever lot, those politicians.   Call it a "fundraiser" and you get the person invited.   Call it a "ball" and you double the ticket sale, getting the invitee and the spouse or significant other.   (Just try telling your wife, "I'm going to a ball and you're not coming.")

So the only issue is:   how many balls do our politicians have?   Two, or just one?   This year, we mean.

Reminds us of the heartwarming old British soldiers' ditty of World War II, to the tune of "The Colonel Bogey March:"

Has only got one ball.
The other
Is in the Albert Hall.
Is very sim'lar.
And Joseph Goebbels
Has no balls
At all.


Music Lover said...

I thought the second line went: "Goering's are really very small."

Philbrick said...

As with all great folk art, it changes and evolves.