Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Now They're Calling it "Sexual Harassment"

What's changed?   Why, Eric Massa is now attacking the Democratic Party.   That's what's changed!

And suddenly, after days of not daring to speak the name of the ethics charge against Massa, now the mainstream newspapers are calling it what it is.

Mustard Street criticized stories in the Democrat and Chronicle here, here, and here for whitewashing the ethics complaint.

Sunday Massa attacks his own party.   This morning -- in the the lead editorial! -- the D&C calls it "sexual harassment," and refers to "charges involving a male staffer."

The New York Times
couldn't bring itself to mention "sexual harassment" in its first story, on March 4, or in its second story on March 6.   But now that Massa's attacked Democratic Party leaders?   And is going on Glenn Beck's show on Fox News to talk about it?   Today's story begins:

"Representative Eric J. Massa, a Democrat from upstate New York accused of sexually harassing a male aide ..."
As if it's part of his name.

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