Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From Our Legal Correspondent

A rare e-mail from our consultant on legal matters, Algonquin deVere, Esq., of the venerable old Mustard Street law firm, Eaton, Beaton & Blone, LLP:

James Smith trial will result in a hung jury.   Prosecutor is sufficiently astute to assure the jury includes members predictable enough to vote guilty for the crime of being a Republican.   But he couldn't get 12 of them.   Jury will include at least a few honest and smart enough to stand by the central reality that Smith did nothing criminal.   Neither bloc will give in.   Result: hung jury.
For what it's worth.

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repoman said...

Based on the Judge's questions (as reported online in Gary Craig's report, and linked here), he may have been hoping for an aquittal to take him off the hook on the motion to dismiss.

A hung jury might be good enough for the Judge but its unfair to James Smith. Its probably unrealistic, but I hope the Judge grants the motion and throws the case out.