Monday, March 15, 2010

Give GOP County Legislators Credit

Very rarely have I disagreed with the thoughts and opinions that Philbrick posts.   But I disagree with his recent criticism of Republican county legislators.   Philbrick has criticized them for being too passive in responding to the Democratic plan to reduce the size of the County Legislature, even suggesting they resign if they're not willing to be more assertive.   I respect Philbrick, but he has it wrong on this one.

I agree that the Democrats' proposal for a smaller Legislature is a fraud, because it's just their way of attempting to hijack the redistricting process in their favor, thus overriding the will of the voters of Monroe County. But is this the time to fight the point?

As the Majority, the Republicans have two jobs, to govern and to stay the Majority.   As the Minority, the Democrats have only one job, to become the Majority.

I assume the Democrats realize that Republicans won't trim the size of the Legislature to where it helps Democrats to take over the Majority.   Their intention must be to put on a show, to persuade the voting public that they care about the cost of government, which is why they are proposing this resizing.

But is the public listening?   And will anyone listen to counterpoints made by the GOP?

Currently my attention to news is drawn to the Massa scandal and the special election that will be coming, the Patterson scandal, the mess Democrats are making of Washington and New York State, and the saga of the Mayor vs. the Rochester city school district.   These are the timely and important issues.   Why make noise that will only distract the public from the real news, which is that the Democrat(Socialist) Party is imploding.

So, Philbrick, why the bashing of the GOP County Legislators?   And why the call to arms?   Why suggest that this group of elected officials should resign?   What is their crime?   Is it that they have put forth budgets that are balanced that call for a lower tax rate in 2010 than in 2004, or for that matter the early 90’s?   That they are responsive to their constituents and work for the betterment of the people of Monroe County?   Or is it that they pick and chose the fights that they engage in?   Or do you believe that all fights are worth fighting?

The best Generals chose the location, the direction and the time that lend to winning the war.

We're in the Ivory Tower.   They're the ones with the task of getting the job done.   At least in this case, let's give them the benefit of the doubt.

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