Tuesday, March 30, 2010

As the Vultures Circle ...

The jury's deliberating now in the trial of James Smith.

According to the Twitter feed of WHEC-TV's Ray Levato,

One person in the courtroom every day to observe works for Democratic minority in the county legislature.
Well certainly.   This prosecution and the one against Andrew Moore were brought for the benefit of that Democratic minority.   It was supposed to be their ticket to the majority last November.

After this is over, the Republican majority of the County Legislature should start an investigation into how much taxpayer money the District Attorney squandered on these political persecutions.

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Anonymous said...

At the very least, since this is a political party witch hunt trial that has nothing to do with this staffer's government, taxpayer funded job, they need to find out who it is and if this staffer is being paid to sit and watch the trial, only to then report what went on to their political Democrat party boss Joe Morelle so he can make the decision if he's going to use any of the trial details in his political campaign against Maggie Brooks next year.

Maybe they can get Gargan to prosecute this staffer for misuse of government funding for political purposes.

Scratch that. Gargan's a fool who would just screw it up anyway and the staffer would go free.

Maybe an intern at the D.A.'s Office could prosecute.