Thursday, March 11, 2010

D&C Editorial Board Supports County Democrat Initiative!

Continue Their Focus On Issues That Don't Matter

Interesting that with all of the important issues out there, the politically motivated prosecution of Andy Moore,the need for Governor Paterson to resign, former Congressman Eric Massa's "tickle fights" with his staff, the Democrat and Chronicle editorial board decided to tackled the critical issue of reducing the size of the Monroe County Legislature.

This ill advised plan would take power away from voters by replacing what is essentially a citizen legislature with one that would be more open to the influence of the special interests that support the Democratic Party.

Currently, it would take a minimum of around $20,000 to run a competitive race for the County Legislature -- you'd probably be outspent but you could be competitive.

This is quite a bit on money, but a sum which is attainable for many. If you double the size of the district, you double the amount of money needed to communicate with voters.

Bigger districts would make it more difficult for "average citizens" to run and make it easier for incumbents to get elected. It would also increase the influence of party bosses. I think this is the real goal of Democrats proposing this scam.

You would have more politically connected professional politicians like Carrie "stop looking down my blouse" Andrews, Harry Bronson, Vincent Esposito and fewer of the citizen legislators that dominate the Republican caucus.

Let's hope Republicans in the County Legislature follow the lead of everyone else in our community and ignore the D&C editorial board. This proposal shouldn't see the light of day!

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