Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Legislator Blows Whistle on Teachers' Union

Monroe County Legislator Carrie Andrews, an employee of the New York State United Teachers union (NYSUT), has blown the whistle on the union's unfair treatment of its women employees.

In an op-ed piece appearing in Monday's Democrat and Chronicle, Andrews reveals:

I may have to decide to give up years of service at work, promotion possibilities and an increased pension if I choose to take time off to raise a child.
How typical of an entrenched and arrogant political force like NYSUT to preach publicly about workers' rights and equality, while discriminating against its own female employees.

Andrews' courageous stand against her employer, the most powerful lobby in New York State, was part of an opinion piece calling for more racial diversity in the County legislature.

Coming from Andrews, this strikes some of us as odd. She took her seat in the County Legislature in 2005 by primarying, and beating, African-American candidate George Moses, the designated Democratic nominee. Apparently, Andrews' support for a more racially diverse legislative body takes a seat in the back of the bus, behind her personal ambition.

Say one thing, do another. Maybe Andrews and her employer have more in common than she realizes.

Andrews offered a further revelation of deplorable working conditions for NYSUT's own
I have experienced sitting in a business meeting knowing full well that the person I'm working with is more interested in sneaking glances down my blouse than listening to what I was saying.
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Rottenchester said...


I also found her OpEd piece pretty vacuous. Diversity, per se, is not necessarily a good thing. We could get a more diverse Monroe Co leg by gerrymandering districts to hell and back, but that would hardly be a more "just" arrangement.

BTW - I'm sure that the only meetings where Ms. Andrews has to worry about people looking down her shirt are meetings with evil "management". The noble "workers" would never do that.