Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Judge Richard Keenan held that prosecutors presented insufficient evidence to the grand jury to support the criminal misdemeanor charges against Andrew Moore, former Executive Director of the Monroe County Republican Party.

This political prosecution was a farce from its inception, as Mustard Street has pointed out repeatedly.   A low-water mark for the office of District Attorney Mike Green; his Duke rape case.

This was the case about which a professor of criminal law said:

"... he was surprised to see a political endorsement letter at the center of a criminal charge of rewarding official misconduct.   The crime requires the accused to knowingly “confer” — or help others confer — a “public benefit” upon a public servant who violates his or her duty.
• • •

“It must have been a great letter.   It almost makes (this allegation) seem kind of funny, except for the fact that the person indicted has to go through this ordeal.”
So ends the most blatantly abusive prosecution we can ever remember seeing in Monroe County.

Evening Update

Judge Keenan's full opinion can be downloaded from WHEC Channel 10's website.   Link is in the fourth paragraph.

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Anonymous said...

Did I read correctly? The District Attorney is considering pursuing this case still at the next level? What the hell is Green trying to do to Moore? He's already tried to ruin his personal life, his family's life, his job, his political career, his extended family's business, his future, etc.

What the hell else is there left for Mike Green to try to destroy?

Can anyone explain Green's and Gargan's motovations beyond what we've already heard?