Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Messy Massa Contradictions

Enough, Already.

The story that Democratic Congressional leaders forced out Eric Massa by leaking the ethics charge against him is clearly false.   There are abundant reasons to recognize this, principal among them that Eric Massa said it happened that way.

We think The Fighting 29th summarized the matter best, and White House Press Secretary Gibbs the most succinctly:

"... let's go through what we've heard from Congressman Massa.   Last week, he, on Wednesday, was having a recurrence of cancer.   On Thursday, he was guilty of using salty language.   On Friday, we learned he's before the Ethics Committee to be investigated on charges of sexual harassment."
With that, there seems no further need to dwell on the spectacle of the past week involving Eric Massa.

Massa's TV appearances yesterday amount to striking the rock ledge during the plunge from the cliff.   He lands in that oblivion where any life in the public sphere is now confined to the likes of Howard Stern, or similar freak shows offering a venue to a 50-year old man for whom confessing to a "tickling contest" with staffers is preferable to acknowledging what really happened.   Massa's apotheosis is complete.   He's become the Joey Buttafuoco of resigned politicians.

About which we have nothing more to say.

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