Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ford to New York: "I'm Out!"

Harold Ford explains his decision in New York Times Op-Ed.

We think the real story is that he succumbed to pressure from the White House and State Democratic Party leaders, who want to avoid a primary.   We think Gillibrand will be easier to beat than Ford.   But not without a credible Republican candidate!


Rottenchester said...

I think you're underestimating Gillibrand and overestimating Ford. He said a bunch of stupid stuff (e.g., he's been to all boroughs in NYC because he took a helicopter ride over Staten Island). He knows nothing about upstate, yet the downstate interest groups (e.g., GLBT) disliked him because of some of the positions he took in TN. Gillibrand is a canny politician. She would have beaten him like a rented mule in a primary. His withdrawal is simply a bow to the reality that he had no chance.

Similarly, the fact that no credible Republican has stepped up to challenge Gillibrand reflects that she's a good politician. I don't agree with the way that NY fills vacancies (should be special elections), but she's a worthy opponent.

Anonymous said...

"Similarly, the fact that no credible Republican has stepped up to challenge Gillibrand reflects that she's a good politician."

Are you serious? Really, are you serious with that? No it sure as hell doesn't. It simply means that the powerful Democrat Party bosses successfully have forced out other Democrats from primarying her.

Gillibrand doesn't even know how many times she's even been to Rochester. She's a novice who is not ready for prime time, has flip-flopped her positions to look more like a lefty (a dumb move considering public sentiment these days) and requires the political big boys to shut down more qualified candidates to help keep her in her taxpayer funded job.

That fact does not at all make her "a good politician." It makes her godfathers common thugs.

While I disagree with your liberal politics, I always considered you above average in your support of your side Rotten, but you've embarrassed yourself with that very silly statement. You're better than the typical rhetorical talking points.

Your side needs you now more than ever to help carry water for the left's failed liberal policies that are ruining this country and this state.

I'm sure they expect/need you to step up your game.

Rottenchester said...

Hey, Anonymous:

Read what I wrote. I said "no credible Republican has stepped up." Your little rant about Democratic bosses is completely irrelevant to my point, which was that if Gillibrand were so awful, some big-name Republican would step up to pick her off. That hasn't happened, so she must be doing something right.

I wouldn't even bother to comment on this except that it's pretty funny that you said that I "embarrassed myself" when you didn't even read what I wrote carefully.