Monday, April 19, 2010

Scofflaw in the DA's Office?

A reader contacted us with the following:

Attached please find 4 photos submitted as evidence that Monroe County Assistant District Attorney William Gargan has violated New York State law, more specifically a statute in the very legal system he has sworn to uphold.

The photos were taken on Thursday, April 15th, at approximately 6:00 p.m., while Mr. Gargan's vehicle was stopped at a red light at the corner of S. Plymouth Avenue and W. Broad Street in downtown Rochester.

The photos ... demonstrate that Mr. Gargan was speaking on a cell phone while operating his vehicle on a public road - a practice banned by law in New York State.
Let's take a look.

Double-click on image to enlarge

OK.   There's someone in a car talking on a cellphone.   Let's zoom in.

Double-click on image to enlarge

Does that look like our boy?   Kind of.   Click the above photo to enlarge it.   Are those round wire rim eyeglasses?   Have we seen those before? --

Our correspondent continues:
The remaining photos show Mr. Gargan's vehicle ...
We've blurred the license plate in the car picture, because we don't know if showing the number would violate something-or-other, but here's our reader's photo of the car:

Double-click on image to enlarge

Our reader sums up:
I haven't brought this to your attention to show Gargan breaking a minor law that is often ignored by the general public.   New York State's ban on cell phone use while driving is a largely useless form of regulation; another fee (tax) Albany uses ...  .

However, the photos do demonstrate Gargan's blatant hypocrisy following his initiation and furtherance of two recent political witch-hunt trials against local GOP leaders who, he alleged, did not follow the exact letter of the law.
Our correspondent is confident about the identity of the scofflaw.   Maybe we could take it further, by going to Motor Vehicles to see if they would identify the owner from the license number.   But the picture of the car will let those closest to the situation size it up for themselves.

And, in fairness, it lets Mr. Gargan, if he's been wrongly identified, stand up and say:  "That wasn't me.   It's not my car."

Well, Mr. G?


AllanBlockhead said...

That Camry looks like it's 12 years old. Can we get raises for those hard working folks at the DA's office?

Anonymous said...

It's great that Gargan gets an article written about him for talking on a cell phone. What about the ADA who recieved sexual favors from an intern in the alley of magpie or the ADA who has a DWI on her record. Isn't that even more hypocritical than talking on a cell phone?