Thursday, April 29, 2010

Protesting Morelle

On route to dinner in East Rochester tonight, I saw about 20 people in front of the Pittsford Colony shopping plaza on Monroe Avenue, at about 6:15.   Many carrying signs criticizing Joe Morelle and the Mayor's school proposal.

Learned later that Morelle was holding a $500 per head fundraiser at the Brio restaurant there.   That's what brought out the protesters.

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Anonymous said...

Morelle deserves what he gets. Over the years he's taken the money and manpower from these groups to help him win his elections and now he's trying to screw them over. Although that hasn't worked so well lately which is probably why he's dumping them now. The problem is, they're not being shoved aside so easily.

Morelle chose to climb lie down with the dogs but he doesn't like the fact that he has fleas now.

No worries though, Sandy Parker and her fradulant group will help him out of this mess.