Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Comic Relief

"I've got so much yet to do in Albany."   That was Assemblyman David Koon's hilarious explanation for dropping out of the 29th district congressional race, now that there will be no election until November.

OK, OK.   We know he can't help it and doesn't know better.   But Koon got our attention Saturday for providing that particular comic counterpoint to the grave business of recent days.

Until it became clear last week that there won't be a special election this Spring, Mr. Koon ran in hot pursuit of that same congressional seat, boisterously uninhibited by any commitment to future accomplishment in Albany.

The difference, of course, is that Koon's assembly seat isn't at risk if he runs in a special election now.   If he lost, he could still run for re-election to the Assembly in November.   But to run for Congress in November, rather than now, he'd have to forgo a bid for re-election to the Assembly.

And as no one knows better than David Koon, that Assembly seat is the very best gig he's ever likely to land.   Without it, we expect he'd be sweeping up somewhere.

The Assembly seat keeps such grim private-sector prospects at bay.   There's to be no election until November.   Therefore, suddenly -- after 12 years! -- there's "much to do in Albany."

With so much to do in Albany, why is it that with every opportunity to run for a different office, Koon puts his name out there?   County Executive in 2007.  State Senator the same year.   Congress in 2008.   Now Congress in 2010.   His own party rejects him each time.

The Democratic Party tolerates David Koon as someone who can milk a sympathy vote to hold that seat in the Assembly.   He can spin his wheels there and do no harm.   But that's it.

For Saturday's story the press asked Koon, will he be going through the next round of interviews as the Party's selects a nominee?   What next round?, he responded.

Mr. Koon's party is sending him a message.   We wonder if he's heard it yet.


Anonymous said...

Did I hear the Dog Catcher position is open in Perinton? Hurry, someone call Mr. Koon!

Anonymous said...

I believe him. After all, he's been there for 12 years and he's done nothing yet. The work MUST be piling up.

If it weren't for his ego, he would be an empty suit.

marry said...

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Anonymous said...

Let me ask you all ... What is it that you want from assemblyman koon ? What has he not done or done that is so bad in NYS ? Tell me again why he is an empty suit ? Other than this is a conserative, Republican site with narrow minded views and ignorant comments "sympathy vote"... After 12 years get a new line.. He has brought stronger gun laws, he helped create the cell 911 tracer.. True none of those things matter at all.. I forgot the crowd I was talking to .. Good job once again...

Anonymous said...

Well, since he was able to implement new gun control laws then he should have no problem at all getting taxes cut and spending reduced in the state budget.

I dont want to just see him get a pass from Silver so he can cast a no vote on the budget, I want to see him do something, anything, to get the budget under control.

If all he has to show for 12 years in the Assembly is two things, then he needs to voluntarily step down and let a more energetic person take over.

He wants to be a Congressman anyway so I question his committment in the Assembly. Also, Koon has admitted that he draws a hefty salary from a wind farm corporation in addition to his government pay. Isn't that a conflict of interest since the state must pass laws regarding wind farms?

I've heard some other things about Koon but won't post them here since they are rumors relating to his conduct in Albany.