Monday, September 28, 2009

Trading Judgeships for Political Proscutions?

Smugtown Beacon now asks about the possibility of a connection between the indictment of the Executive Director of the County Republican Party and District Attorney Green's rumored interest in appointment to a federal judgeship.  An indictment described by a law professor as a joke, except to the person indicted.

We fault the Smugtown piece only in presenting the proposition to the DA in easily deniable form:   "Were you promised a judgeship in exchange for this indictment?"

It never works that crudely, people.   At most, an offer to help get the judgeship, a promise to use best efforts -- that kind of thing.

Our take at Mustard Street is that it's bad enough if Green initiated this farce even if it were just to curry favor with his party, to help get the judgeship.   That's all we here have had to say about it so far, and it alone is scandal enough.


Angry in NF said...

What about the people who were named or alluded to in the Complaint? Were they able to prove contemporaneous fair value payment for labor and materials received from the Robutrad workers?

Philbrick said...

Don't know. Understand your point, but it relates to a different aspect of Robutrad. Our beef is about the actions and motives of DA Green and Assistant DA Gargan in indicting Moore.