Thursday, September 17, 2009

Penfield Post Supports Victim of Political Prosecution

The Penfield Post, a reliably liberal voice, devoted the lead editorial in its issue of September 16 to supporting Andrew Moore remaining on the Penfield Town Council:

Moore ... is innocent until proven guilty. That's why we hope residents will give him the opportunity to continue to serve.
. . .

... Moore has repeatedly spoken publicly and has made himself available to the people he is answering to, which includes talking to the media.

For that we commend him. Too often, when public officials find themselves faced with tough questions, they dodge the spotlight and prefer to remain elusive in hopes the furor will subside.
Moore, you may recall, is the person wrongfully indicted by corrupt prosecutor Michael Green as a political offering to the local Democratic Party, whose favor Green seeks in order to obtain appointment as a federal judge.

The editorial quotes Moore addressing a meeting of residents and officials:
"I choose to defend my character and my integrity against these false allegations."
Good for him.

We'll have more about the whole story in a report to appear shortly.

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