Thursday, September 10, 2009

No One Seemed Worried About Civility

Yours truly went slumming on Tuesday, attending a meeting of the Monroe County Legislature.

High point seemed to be when a speaker during the public comment portion, accompanied by two fake "nuns" of an ilk we've described before -- Sisters of Saint Stalin? -- distributed what they called "smores" to the legislators, announcing during their time at the podium that the "smores" were made not of chocolate, but of Ex-Lax, to "clean the pipes" of the members of the august body.

Can you imagine the press coverage if this had been done by conservative activists at a meeting of the City Council?   Whose your-2-minutes-are-done-so-shutup-one-hour-only public comment section compares so anemically to the full-blown open-ended comment period provided to the public by the County Legislature?

The commenters made a point of labeling their laxative confections with a word spelled "smoores" -- an open mockery of an innocent man, a Republican party official, unjustly arrested last week by corrupt prosecutor Michael Green, as part of Green's campaign to show enough Democratic party loyalty to get a federal judgeship.

And this by "nuns" and their collaborator who probably have joined public demonstrations for every murderer from O.J. to Mumia-Babu-Cop-Killer.

No wonder the "consent of the governed" in this country sometimes seems to be hanging by a thread.   It can't snap too soon.

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Banished in NF said...

Why do you call it "slumming"?