Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wegmans is Rationing My Food!

Who knew? But it's true! Wegmans let me walk out of its East Avenue store today only with groceries I paid for. Not one thing more!

That's rationing, right?

Only if you believe Obamacare supporters, who claim that government rationing of medical care would be no different than Blue Cross "rationing" your medical care by only giving you the coverage you pay for.

The argument is dishonest.

"Rationing" means government restricting the availability to you of a good or service, regardless of your willingness to pay for more.

Wegmans has never told anybody, "Only one can of tuna fish for you." It sells you all the food you pay for.

Government rationing means your money's no good beyond the rationed limit. In World War II, Americans couldn't buy more than the rationed amount of food or gasoline each month. Ability to pay for more was irrelevant.

That's how nationalized health systems work. You're limited to the medical care the government allows. Beyond it, you're out of luck. You're not allowed to pay for more.

And if you find a way to pay for it on the black market, then instead of dying on the government waiting list, you die in jail.

Congressional Democrats must really be on the ropes to be making this argument.

When the Left wonders why so many Americans distrust government and don't believe explanations of the Democrats, it's because of transparently dishonest arguments like, "it's being rationed already."

Food's just the tip of the iceberg. I drove past a car dealership tonight and -- would you believe it -- they're rationing cars, too!

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