Friday, September 7, 2012

Notes on Conventions

First, David Frum in The Daily Beast considering the standard-issue drivel about the Republican convention being "too white."

. . . why can't we just respect the fact that some of us have one set of beliefs - others have different beliefs - and let us all compete on voting day and may the best team win?   Why do you liberals always have to be dragging race into it?

What you want is a country where everybody looks different, and everybody thinks the same.  That's what you call diversity.  No thanks.  You work hard, you pay your way, you quit asking for handouts, and you're American enough for me - and you'll be up there on the podium with Bobby Jindal, Allen West, Herman Cain, and Nikki Haley as a leader of the one party in this country that isn't hung up on race.

Second, I think the following from Legal Insurrection, represents my take-away from the Democrats' convention.

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