Saturday, September 8, 2012

Justice for Me, Not for Thee

The Democrat and Chronicle's report on City employees' exemption from red-light camera fines today makes the headline on Drudge.   And it's not just the police.   All City of Rochester employees are exempt.   A red-light aristocracy!

What could illustrate better the bottomless sleaziness of the red-light camera racket?

This site has warned against the abusive money extortion racket represented by red-light cameras since their first consideration as a money making scheme by Rochester City Council.   "We're going to make a lot of money," the then-President of City Council exulted after an early presentation to the Council by one of the red-light camera companies.

Can a local government selectively enforce a law that applies to all?   We hope the answer is No. A suit challenging the practice would be a fine pro bono project for a civic minded attorney.

Until that happens, drivers should resist every possible way:   pleading not guilty, demanding a hearing, making the City go through every step.

Let's make enforcement of this disgrace as difficult and expensive as possible for the greedy and slovenly government that enacted it.

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MrMcClellan said...

Hey Phil, how about giving us some news we can use? We have some significant elections coming up in two months.

Anyone who ignores a red light ticket may be in for a surprise the next time he/she tries to renew their drivers' license. My guess is that many of your readers don't spend a whole lot of time driving in the City anyway.

Richard Tyson said...

I made this a topic during the election. Republicans are always accused of being against minorities and the poor but this program targets the largest concentration of both of those groups in Monroe County. And guess what folks, the All-Dem City Hall brought this to you.Now we find out that they won't enforce it with their own employees. Nice touch City Hall!

Anonymous said...


A topic and opinion I agree with you on! Oh, well, it was bound to happen. Law of averages and all...