Friday, July 30, 2010

The People Win One

In a triumph for the ordinary citizen, the Monroe County Legislature on Wednesday refused to let the City mount its infamous "red-light cameras" on County-owned utility poles.

We've told you before about the red-light camera racket:

"We're Going to Make A Lot of Money"

So said then-City Council President Gladys Santiago last summer, cutting to the main point about the City's plan to install red-light cameras as a money-making device. As in every other city where these cash-machines have been installed, there's an embarrasingly thin pretext of "public safety" clothing the real purpose.   The last thing they want is for people to follow the law to the letter at a red light with a camera, because then the money stops.

Around the country the story has been the same.   You see, installing the cameras is just Step 1.

Step 2
is when the local municipality then shortens the time of the yellow light, thereby tricking motorists familiar with the corner, who think they have time, to be in the intersection when the light's red.

The other gimmick is this:   the red-light camera gives you a ticket for making a right turn on red, unless you come to a complete dead stop before making the turn.   In other words, good reader, if you turn on red the way you and 99.9% of the population does when there's no traffic coming from the left, by slowing down but not stopping completely, you're nabbed!

No wonder the City not merely thinks, but knows, "We're going to make a lot of money."

Congratulations to Legislators Carrie Andrews, D-Rochester; Mike Barker, R-Fairport; Harry Bronson, D-Rochester; Anthony Daniele, R-Pittsford; Travis Heider, D-Brighton; Jeff McCann, R-Greece; Dan Quatro, R-Webster; Steve Tucciarello, R-Gates; and Dick Yolevich, R-Parma for standing up to a dishonest and dishonorable ripoff of the ordinary citizen.

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