Thursday, July 15, 2010

Misconduct of a Judicial Campaign

We're working on a story now going around the Hall of Justice, that the campaign of a judicial candidate, denied a Party's endorsement, sent out petition canvassers in an effort to mount a primary.

At least one of the canvassers -- the candidate's spouse -- misrepresented, to voters at the door, that the candidate is the Party's endorsed nominee, and suffered the misfortune of saying it at the door of a member of the Executive Committee of the Party that declined to endorse the judicial spouse, and again at the door of a prominent elected official endorsed by that Party!

If so, it could be a criminal offense.

Some details to confirm; watch for the full story.


Anonymous said...

You know how people love to talk.

Anonymous said...

What's the deal? Any more details?

Anonymous said...

I hope it wasn't the judicial candidate D.A. Mike Green is backing. That really wouldn't bode well for our "top prosecutor" to support someone involved with election fraud.

Anonymous said...

Where is the big story?

Anonymous said...

Is it time to print the retraction?