Monday, July 19, 2010

Republicans at the Pride Parade

Saturday, amongst many other groups, the City Republican Committee marched in the Gay Pride Parade. I am a member of the City Republican Committee so was happy to be there to support my fellow city neighbors.

I found the reactions quite interesting. Most clapped and cheered as we marched by almost as if they were surprised to see us. Some yelled out “it’s about time”, and “I am a Republican and thrilled to see you here”. Some just looked shocked, and then some said some unpleasant things. It is unfortunate that many on the opposite side of the aisle have put us in a jar labeled “haters”. Haters of everything from minorities, immigrants, poverty stricken people, and on and on. And more unfortunate than that is that many people on “this side of the aisle” have backed down and said nothing. Feared of being labeled something that they are not they remain silent.

There are so many younger people, like myself, who are sick of it. We are now taking to the streets to say, "Stop." Stop with the mislabeling of who we are because we wear an elephant instead of a donkey. So many of us are liberty- and freedom-loving people. Freedom to be who you are and the liberty to be open about it.

So when asked today about why are you here I responded in this way. Not one person on this earth will agree with every personal decision I make. I know of no one that I will agree with every personal decision they make. That includes my fiance! But if you are a person that is looking to be a contributing member of society, obey the laws, and not put my freedom and liberty at risk then game on. We may differ on some issues and that is what this amazing country is all about.

To those of you who identify yourself as Conservative or Republican, I say take others head on. Tell them to knock it off when they try to label you based on how you vote or which committee you choose to be a part of. This nonsense of identity politics must end in order for this country and city to move forward.

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