Monday, July 12, 2010

Morelle as Next State Insurance Commissioner?

Rumblings reach us about Assemblyman Joe Morelle being appointed State Commissioner of Insurance in an Andrew Cuomo admistration.   Certainly he'll continue full speed with his candidacy for Monroe County Executive next year, unless and until such an appointment occurs.

A lucrative gig for Morelle, if it were to happen.   A few years as State Insurance Commissioner at -- what? -- about $170k a year, then off to cash in at one of the big insurance firms or consultancies in New York City, in the high six figures.   The wet dream of every New York State legislator.


AllanBlockhead said...

You have suggested that Assemblyman Morelle might run for County Executive next year. Do you have any predictions as to whom the candidates might be for that office in 2011?

The local Republican party received a strong message of voter confidence last year. Let's hope the team stays intact.

Philbrick said...

Yes. Our prediction is that, unless he's appointed as insurance commissioner, or to another post, the Democratic candidate will be Morelle. He's been preparing for the race for well over a year.

And we believe that County Executive Brooks will run for re-election.

Anonymous said...

There's been lots of rumors about Morelle over the years. Something about committing petition fraud and some other stuff. This could just be yet another "rumor."