Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why No Bike Lane on East Avenue?

Something that is hard not to take note of, living in the city, is the number of people choosing to ride bikes.   So why, with the new paving and relining of East Avenue, from 4 down to 2 lanes, do we not see a bike lane?  

It seems that would have been a common sense move for the City to make.   It is a major route from the East side of the city into Downtown that many people travel each day.   Between that and the decision on the Mortimer Street bus terminal, I feel that we are not on board with common sense solutions that could create a healthier environment for people to move about our fine city.   I would like your opinions on this.


Matt said...

Great question - I emailed Jim McIntosh, the City of Rochester engineer involved with the project to ask him the same question after the resurfacing project was announced. Here was his response:


Thanks for the email. We worked with the biking community in coming up with this plan but we will not have dedicated bike lanes in the East Ave. corridor. However, by providing an 8 foot parking lane in each direction that can only be used for parking between 6 PM and 6 AM we have essentially provided an 8’ wide bike lane during the day. We are currently in the process developing a Bicycle Master Plan which we hope to complete in the next 12 months. There will be public meetings along the way and I hope you will attend and share your thoughts on what the plan should include. I am hopeful that the plan will recommend dedicated bike routes that will provide access to the City from every direction.


Jim McIntosh, P.E.
City Engineer

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mcintosh, Where's your master plan for the bus terminal??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don't you think that this will be an environmental and traffic nightmare. Put some thought into what you are doing. You are on the city payroll and have no idea what it takes to actually provide for city residents who have made the move from suburbs to city living. You should not call yourself an engineer when you do not understand the real needs of people who live and work in the downtown area...... Who really is planning city living anyway!