Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Political Dynamic of a DA Election

Who would have thought it?   Suborn a public office for political gain, and you .  .  . gain politically!

We'll have more to say later on the nomination of a corrupt prosecutor to a federal judgeship.   Now, however, let's look at the politics of a race for DA in 2011 if Mr. Green is nominated and confirmed to the federal bench.

Almost certainly we'll see County Court Judge Frank Geraci named to the vacancy in the office of the DA.   A longtime crony of Joe Morelle, Geraci is known to want the DA's seat.

This sets up an internal fight in the Democratic Party, as First Assistant DA Sandra Doorley -- whose prosecutions, unlike those of her boss, Mr. Green, don't get thrown out of court for insufficient basis to prosecute -- is widely known to want to succeed Green.   Doorley changed parties in anticipation of the opportunity, so we have to believe she's in earnest.   If Geraci gets the appointment and the Democratic nomination, maybe she'll be changing back!

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