Monday, August 2, 2010

Sherrod to Sue Brietbart?

So I heard the other day on the news that Sherrod is going to sue Breitbart? I am terribly confused as to why she would be go after a guy who posted a video of her on his own website and not after the folks that forced her to step down from her position.

Andrew Brietbart posted that video in response to the NAACP coming out against the Tea Party and telling them to rid their ranks of racists. To this day no one has come forward with solid evidence that there are strong undertones of racism in the Tea Party movement. Breitbart himself offered $100k to anyone who could produce video evidence of the Congressmen and woman having racist remarks thrown at them as they claimed to have had. Breitbart still has his $100k. So he put this video online to show that while she was discussing how she intentionally mistreated a white man because he was white, and no other reason, the folks in the crowd were supportive of this. THAT is evidence of racist feelings and undertones within the NAACP.

In her defense she does go on to say that she learned from her experience that doing what she did was not right. That is awesome that she moved away from those feelings from her past. So Breitbart pointed out to the NAACP that they should be focused on cleaning their own back yard and not worrying about telling the Tea Party to clean up. We haven’t seen any strong evidence of racist feelings within the Tea Party in a large enough scale to claim that the movement is based in it. So Breitbart did exactly what he wanted to. Now the media is claiming that he somehow did something wrong and there are certainly some that claim it is because he himself is a racist. I think Sherrod ought to go after her previous boss and the folks in the administration who forced her to step down without watching the whole video. Although, not reading or watching things prior to making a statement or decision seems to be this admin’s strong suit. I think that someone acted stupidly in this case and I don’t think it was Breitbart.

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