Friday, August 27, 2010

Doorley versus Geraci?

Is it us, or has anyone else noticed that First Assistant District Attorney Sandra Doorley seems to have emerged as chief spokesman for the Monroe County District Attorney's office in recent weeks?   It has appeared so ever since the announcement that Nifonging DA Mike Green is likely to receive his payoff, a federal judgeship, for abusing his office for political purposes.

Doorley got the high-profile Merritt Rahn case.   From a recent opinion essay in the newspaper, to giving the press quotes that state the position of the DA's office, Doorley is out there, front and center, as the face of the DA's office, rather than her boss Green.

Is Green pushing Doorley as his choice of a successor?

In local political circles it's common knowledge that Democratic Chairman Joe Morelle's choice for appointment to the DA's seat is current Judge Frank Geraci.   (We like Judge Geraci.   Presiding in the political show trial of James Smith, he had the integrity to ask Green's henchman, Assistant DA Bill Gargan whether, in fact, there was anything at all criminal involved in Smith's actions.   Just before the jury acquitted Smith on all counts.)

Is an intra-party battle looming for the appointment?

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Van Helsing said...

Is that Green in the backround, or is it the old horror actor Christopher Lee in one of those old "House of Dracula" movies?