Monday, August 23, 2010

City Council Wants Public Input for This?

Once again I find myself confused about Rochester City Council and what they are saying.   I see that City Council wants “public input” on who will be on the ballot if Cuomo and Duffy win the race to be the next Gov and Lt Gov.

Essentially they have two options if Duffy were to leave office.   One, appoint someone, within 30 days, who will fill the seat until election day 2011.   They can also call for a special election within 90 days and whomever wins that fills the seat until the end of the original term.   I see, per the article in the D&C, that 4 of the 9 Council Members favor a special election.   I agree that a special election would be a better option as it would add some stability in the city where it is much needed right now.

Back to the public input.   Council President Lovely Warren says that she would like to have some public input on who would be considered for the Democratic nominee for the special election.   Why?  Put forth your best candidate and run her.   It is as easy as that.   Unless, are they are concerned that with the current political climate that a Democrat may not walk through to victory as they often do in Rochester?   Maybe they are concerned that the two gentlemen that tried to run against Duffy this last time around, Alex White and Tony Micciche, haven’t lost the will to be mayor?   Maybe they are concerned that with some of the poor decisions made this past year by City Council, the people of Rochester are not happy with the Democratic city administration?

It sounds to me that they are looking to get the buy-in for someone prior to the election, so they know who they will end up with.   (In most cases this would be called a primary).

I find it odd that they are looking for public input, considering they have ignored public input on major decisions recently.   Two items that come to mind are the Mortimer Street bus garage and the red light cameras. Plus, if they are so concerned about public input, I have a fantastic idea:   show up on time for the “speak to council” section of your own monthly meeting.   Other than when the news cameras are present, for something major, there is never a time when they are all there on time.

My suggestion, pick the best candidate you have and run that candidate.   You will get all the public input you need on election day.


Harry Davis said...

Richard. Very good post, as usual!

"Stop Mortimer Street Bus Barn/Create Amtrak Inter-Modal"

If the Monroe County Board of Elections Democratic Comish Tom Ferrarese's secretary, Linda Martinez, had given us correct information, I would be in the Dem primary right now for against Harry Bronson for the 131st Assembly seat now held by Susan John. But I am not due in part to incorrect information given our campaign by the BOE.
"Tammy Moody"

I find it odd that none other than Lovely Warren is going through the charade of asking for "public input." These people, 7 out of 9 members of the city council, do not give a damn about "public input." When Ms. Warren had the opportunity to learn what John Robert Smith had to say about transit orientated development in Rochester, she refused. Her comment to me was , "I don't need to know about buses in Mississippi! There are no buses in Mississippi!" This was in response to Mr. Smith's offer, the former Republican mayor of Meridian MS where he developed a successful transit center which created residential, commercial and retail development, to help Rochester see how we could create, at this late date, an inter-modal transit center at the Amtrak location..

John Robert Smith on transit-oriented development (TOD) in Rochester

Our stooges in this city, Mayor Duffy included, don't give a damn about "public input." In 5 hearings about the Mortimer bus barn, and I was there, about 200 people spoke passionately against the bus barn. No more than 5 people, including Heidi Dimmer-Zimmer, the planted mouth, spoke in favor of it.

We will continue right NOW to work to stop this Mortimer bus barn.

"Stop Mortimer Street Bus Barn/Create Amtrak Inter-Modal"

Maybe by this time next year, Harry Davis will have enough support to run for Mayor of Rochester against the likely Dem candidate, Elaine Spaull, one of the 7 votes in support of the bus barn.

Emails: Showing Reasons For The Impeachment of ROC City Council Members Lovely Warren, Ortiz, Haag, Spaull, Palumbo & McFadden

Harry Davis
South Wedge
Rochester, New York

D Morales said...

You make some good points but miss the biggest one. Party bosses (Chairman Morelle and Mayor Duffy) are trying to jam a special election down everyone throats. That means they get to pick the candidates and there will be no Republican candidate in the race. We need a choice and have to stop Party bosses from having it their way.