Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Stabbing, a Bombing, a Brick in the Window

  In New York City, the man who stabbed a cab driver after asking, "Are you a Muslim?," turns out to be affiliated with a group advocating the Muslim community center in lower Manhattan, proposed by its "partner organizations."   Not with "Fox news, right wing blogs and talk radio" whose "bigotry and hatred" had been blamed for instigating the assault.

  In Missouri, Democratic Rep. Russ Carnahan confirms that the suspect in a firebombing of his campaign office is a former member of his own staff.   Not tea party activists as some in the local media had reported. (Via Gateway Pundit)
In Rochester, meanwhile, a total media blackout on any follow-up to last Spring's brick-throwing at Democratic Headquarters makes the incident look all the more like an inside job, contrived to smear tea-partiers.

Told you so:   "... you'll know if it was some misguided teapartier, because the story will be all over the media.   If it turns out to have been a unionist from the downtown protest of the Democratic Fundraiser on Saturday night who had too much to drink -- we don't expect much reporting about it."

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