Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just Do It, Dave

Governor Paterson's heroic effort to persuade our regrettable State Legislators to face fiscal reality represents a pearls-before-swine moment if ever we've seen one.

The Guv had a great idea in proposing he get power to cut the budget unilaterally.

His mistake was in asking the Legislature to give it to him.

Of course they'll never do that.   If a legislator can't protect the funding entitlements of the teachers' union and the health care employees unions, that legislator is useless to both.   And all the donations and other goodies the unions provide to guarantee continued incumbency then disappear.

So, Dave, just go ahead and do it.

Order your budget director to make the cuts.

Everyone, including the State's Attorney General, said you couldn't constitutionally appoint a Lieutenant Governor.   But you did it anyway.   And the Court of Appeals said, "OK."

So do it.   At least it gives you a chance to make it happen.   Versus the certainty of it not happening if you cave.

You're a brave and good man.   Right now it's you alone, standing up for the people against the public-sector labor aristocracy and its bought-and-paid-for legislature.

Do the right thing.   Go for it.

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