Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving's Eternal Lesson

Human nature.   A constant through the ages.   As in the timeless lesson of the first Thanksgiving.

"Once the Pilgrims in the Plymouth Plantation abandoned their communal economic system and adopted one with greater individual property rights, they never again faced the starvation and food shortages of the first three years. It was only after allowing greater property rights that they could feast without worrying that famine was just around the corner."

(A reprise of our Thanksgiving weekend posting a couple of years ago.   Run again this year as a public service to humanity.)

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simon said...

Great Post Lucy! If the pilgrim leaders were around today I would elect one to NYS Governor and another to President. Our President is spreading the wealth and bringing us back to the days of the communal system. Our Governor hands out money like he is printing it and then tells everyone that he is trying to fix the problem. Can you hear the back of America and New Your State breaking?